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Depop is a french game made by high school student.

Solo mode : In this game, you will start with a character you chose among 6 characters, that you will control with the directional arrows. Your goal is to get the 3 crystals (Amethyst, Ruby and Diamond) and come back to the start case doing as few moves as possible. You must to complete a goal of ... movements, according to the level you play.

You can also play with 2 players (on the same PC), the first player will create the level (or open one he saved before) and the second player will play on it. then the roles are reversed and the player who made the less movements win.

Finally it's possible to save the levels you created to play on them later. You can also send levels you created to us and maybe, if we like it, we will add as the next singleplayer level!

Visit our website for more informations (French) :


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DepopSetup.exe 14 MB


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